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The project is expected to deliver modes of teaching, organising, supervising and researching that prepare and enable Graduate Schools for the Social Sciences and the Humanities to fulfil a leading role in the requirements of the emerging European knowledge economy.

For the overall coordination and organisation of the project, Prof. Liesbet van Zoonen, drs. Jan Nagtzaam and Vanessa Abel, MA from Erasmus University Rotterdam will function as the project management team.

The projects consists of four intellectual outputs (IO):

Coordinators: Prof. Jacques Pothier (Université Paris Saclay) and Dr. Martina Steinbach-Hüther (Leipzig University)

A description and analysis of policies, procedures and practices in Graduate Schools for Social Sciences and Humanities, with respect to PhD researchers, staff, curriculum and organisations.

Coordinators: Prof. John Downey (Loughborough University) and Prof. Liviu Matei (Central European University)

A description and analysis of the conditions leading to best practices regarding PhD researchers, staff, curriculum and organisations of interdisciplinary schools for social sciences and humanities, which can serve as a Blueprint for existing or new graduate schools.

Coordinators: Dr. Astrid Wind (Heidelberg University) and Dr. John Fells (Polish Academy for the Sciences)

Online menu for interdisciplinary graduate schools to pick, choose and combine innovations regarding PhD researchers, staff, curriculum and organisation that fits their needs.

Coordinators: Prof. Ortwin de Graeff (KU Leuven) and and Dr. Kirsi Korpiaho (University of Helsinki)

Report identifying the landscape of national, European and other international networks of interdisciplinary graduate schools, and assessing project results in this context. Also engagement of targeted groups through multiplier events.