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The rationale behind Graduate SPIRIT is the strong need for European graduate schools to have more adequate instruments for stimulating, organising and managing interdisciplinarity and diversity in doctoral training.

Currently, best practices are very fragmented and hard to find for individual national graduate schools. In addition, national graduate schools increasingly draw an international PhD community and need to understand the cultural challenges that come with such diversity.

The outcomes of the project will enable the participating universities to better comply with the so-called third cycle of the Bologna process, by defining key elements that benefit the success of PhD trajectories. Bologna III asks for universities in the European education area to assess their doctoral education programme based on the same descriptors as the BA and MA programmes.

Project objectives

  1. Provide a systematic inventory of current policies, procedures and practices to promote interdisciplinarity and diversity at European graduate schools.
  2. Identify, on the basis of this inventory, a full range of best practices for more detailed description and analysis, and combine them into a ‘Blueprint’ for successful interdisciplinary and diverse graduate schools for doctoral training.
  3. Develop and test innovative instruments for interdisciplinarity and diverse pedagogy, course and curriculum design, leading to an ‘Innovation menu’ from which individual graduate schools can pick and combine according to their needs.
  4. Engagement of a wide range of graduate schools, both within the EU and at other continents, by opening and sharing results, using dedicated instruments for data- and knowledge sharing.

With these set goals we can improve doctoral training for PhD canditates around the globe.